Marketing is defined as the act or process of buying and selling in a market, but what are some of the strategies that successful corporations use to gain an advantage over their competition? Successful companies invest up front to develop an advertising and promotions plan, which clearly outlines the goals and strategies of the organization. Once the plan is in place and ready to implement, identification of target markets must be determined. Successful companies also pay close attention to the competition and use failures and successes to their advantage. An advertising and promotions plan will include such items as identifying target markets, creating messages to the market and what avenues will be used to communicate the message. The plan should also identify how successes are measured through the use of a quantifiable list that tracks whether or not the tasks are accomplishing the goals.

Advertising is an important social phenomenon. It both stimulates consumption, economic activity models, life-styles and a certain value orientation. Consumers are confronted with substantial daily doses of advertising in multiple media. With the perpetual bombardment of marketing media, it is presumable that it will affect our individualism and society as a whole. This is an analytical approach to advertising's effects on the society. Consumer minds' can be changed, opinions molded. Attitudes towards a brand are not set in stone after one commercial or even one purchase. Indeed, shaping attitudes often takes a considerable amount of time.

The purpose for advertising is to commercialize a product or anything else to a certain audience or to any audiences.

Another purpose for advertising is to persuade people to buy the product so that you'll get more money.

A third purpose is to make the company a bigger name by getting more buyers.

We at Design Grafix understand the importance of this tool and strive hard to bring results to our clients. We hope to work with many leading companies so that we develop a market suited to their brand and create an impactful brand identity.


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